2D Black And White Floorplan

A 2D black and white floor plan is a simple, two-dimensional representation of a space, typically used in architecture, real estate, and interior design. It is drawn in black lines on a white background and provides a clear and straightforward visual layout of a property from a top-down perspective.In a 2D black and white floor plan, the following elements are typically depicted:

Walls: The outlines of walls, doors, and windows are represented by black lines to show the layout and dimensions of each room or area.
Rooms and Spaces: Different rooms and spaces within the property, such as bedrooms, living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms, are outlined in black.
Dimensions: The dimensions of each room and the overall size of the property are usually included in the floor plan.
Furniture and Fixtures: In some cases, basic furniture and fixtures, such as tables, chairs, and appliances, may be shown in the floor plan to give a sense of scale and function.

2D black and white floor plans are widely used for various purposes, including:

  1. Real estate listings to help potential buyers understand the layout of the property.
  2. Interior design projects to plan the placement of furniture and decor.
  3. Architectural drawings to communicate building layouts and dimensions.
  4. Property management to document the configuration of rental units.

While 2D black and white floor plans are straightforward and easy to understand, they lack the visual richness and depth of 3D floor plans or colored renderings. However, they remain a valuable tool for conveying essential information about the layout and design of a space in a clear and concise manner.

2d floorplan

The 2D color floorplan has attracted buyers so most clients prefer color floorplans. Some color gives complement each other and we use that colors for the floorplan. Sometimes clients provide colors or samples of floorplan we work like that also. We make floorplan as want as the client needs.       

2D Color Floorplan

2d floorplan

2d texture Floorplan

The 2D texture floorplan gives a feel of attractive and realistic. Client needs to grow businesses that use high-quality texture floorplan.  

texture floorplan

3D Floorplan

3D floorplan gives an idea of the 3-dimensional area of the property. We use many software for 3d floorplans online/offline software Roomsketcher, Floorplanner and many more. We capable to use all types of roof (Truss/Flat Roof) in 3d floorplan.

real estate 3d floorplan

Site plan

The site plan work is a provide full property analysis of what they have. The site plan has included some components like floor plan, driveway, garden, pool, pond, covered area, shed, deck, porch, garage, carport, porch, lawn etc.

site plan